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"...an offbeat and affectionate look at the life of the troubled comedian Frankie Howerd, who died in 1992 but whose tics and mannerisms remain so vivid in the British collective memory. Dominic Goodwin - a very funny man himself, at his best when working an audience at close quarters - conjures up the spirit of Howerd with a repertoire of rolling eyes and 'tittersome' catchphrases, and with the help of Penny McDonald playing everyone else in the story from God to Frankie's mother. What seems in the first half to be a straightforwardly saucy recollection of Frankie's comic style evolves in the second half into a more complex portrait of a lonely depressive tortured by his homosexuality, yet gifted with the ability to make audiences laugh. Stuart Fortey's script pulls no punches, and Goodwin makes the change of mood feel uncomfortably real. The audience lapped up the ancient gags, and responded with audible sympathy to the moments of pathos. A finely crafted and truthful show, not to be missed."
Martin Vander Weyer


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Up Frankie!

Frankie Howerd has been thrown out of heaven! As he bemoans his fate, dressed in his robes and halo, he reveals what made him tick, what took him up and what brought him down. Most extraordinarily of all, he tells how his hesitations, his oohs and ahhs, his "no, no"s were all carefully written in advance and not ad-libs at all. So, how much freedom and how much control did he really have in his act? How much do we have in life itself? The man who once wanted to be a saint, battles for his soul with God and throws in some glorious one-liners and a lot of cheeky innuendo along the way!

A fun-and-frolics romp through the life of one of Britain's most revered comedians.

The show toured nationally encompassing 38 performances: September - November 2010

Dominic Goodwin as Frankie Howerd
Penny McDonald as God, Angel, Frankie's Mother and 15 other parts

Writer: Stuart Fortey
Director: Tony Lidington
Designer: Denise Kitchin